University of WA

In 2006, I graduated with my MFA in design from the University of Washington. My degree of record is in Visual Communication Design, but I also took courses in industrial design, architecture, interaction design, and film.

MFA Thesis
My thesis, A Tactile Point-of-Reference: Visualizing from a Blind Perspective, was an exploration in designing physical maps for the blind, culminating in an exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery.

I Can Hear Walls exhibitDesign + Ethnography: Callie Neylan; Advisors: Dr Axel Roesler, Annabelle Gould, Shawn Brixey; Collaborators: Washington State Department of Services for the Blind.

Theories and Practice of Interactivity
In Fall 2007, I was recruited by the UW’s Masters of Communication in Digital Media program to teach a graduate seminar on interaction design. I used Bill Moggridge’s Designing Interactions as the main text.

UW design team bodystorming. University of Washington students demonstrate via bodystorming a design concept for a retail management system, Fall 2007.

Experimental Film
During my MFA tenure, I took a year of experimental film. I find cinematic theory and applied practices especially useful in designing time-based interactions.

Stop Motion Experimental Film