Design Fun

To keep creative juices flowing, I like to design for design’s sake. Or for pro bono causes that I feel are worthy of my creative attention. I like to get off the computer and get my hands dirty. And I really, really like to take photographs. Lots and lots of photographs.

Fixed-Gear Bicycle
I love industrial design and mechanical engineering. In 2008, I built my first fixed-gear bicycle from used and new bike parts. I took great pleasure in the tactile experience of choosing and working with physical materials.

Hand-built, fixed-gear bicycle

Hand-built fixed-gear bicycle.Bianchi steel frame; Brooks leather saddle and handlebar tape; TEKTRO brake. Paint by Powder Coat Finishes, Baltimore.

The Hello Poster Show
The Hello Poster Show is a Seattle-based fundraising exhibition featuring silkscreened posters created by designers and artists from around the world. Fellow UW alum Tom Futrell and I collaborated on the 2010 Melbourne edition. Proceeds of poster sales went to Melbourne-based non-profit community organizations.

Hello Poster, 2010Designers / Callie Neylan, Tom Futrell. Hello Poster Show, 2010.

Center for New Cinema
The Center for New Cinema was a conceptual organization conceived as a curated space for showcasing innovation in film and technology. Fellow UW alum Carolina Mello-e-Souza and I collaborated to create a unique identity system that communicated the convergence of analog film with digital technologies.

Center for New Cinema Identity

Center for New CinemaDesigners / Callie Neylan, Carolina Mello-e-Souza. Center for New Cinema Identity System, 2006.